Spain Brings Back Hope Hosting Judo Schools League Test Event

In November 2020, Madrid hosted a Judo Schools League test event with around 400 participants. 

With such a large interest, the teams were capped at eight athletes, purely based on capacity issues, undoubtedly without these we could have seen more present. However, this sensational turn out brought together 48 teams split in to three groups according to age. 

The event was presented on four tatamis with 12 judges, one central and two at the table. As the test was such a huge success we can look forward to the future, already with the Judo Schools League proposals in the pipeline. Not only were the numbers of participants welcomed but the feedback has been well received, thanks coming from schools and teachers. 

A special mention must be given to the Royal Spanish Judo Federation, following such tragedy during the pandemic crisis, they were able to recover and organise a memorable event, a true victory of judo and humanity.