Join the League

Schools can register, compose their teams and become members of the Judo Schools League. The school team winning the local level is qualified to compete in the national level. The long term goal for each school is to qualify to the European Judo Schools League finals.

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    The school has to register at the JSL web site specifying its name, address and contact details in its profile. The school should specify age groups of the teams willing to compete: 7-8 y.o., 9-10 y.o., 11-12 y.o. The profile of each new school and its membership in the League is validated by the Country admin of respective nation.

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    Vis-A-Vis Selection

    The school selects its vis-à-vis among other schools registered.

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    Local Competition

    The schools take part at a competition consisting of four activities: THEORETICAL, PHYSICAL, TECHNICAL and OPPOSITION GAME / NE WAZA SHIAI. The points/scoring are accumulated to select the winner. The competition is held amongst the school environment and includes teachers, parents and school head masters. After the competition each school is added to the Schools Ranking list and receives a participation certificate that is uploaded into the school’s profile. The school that wins a local event is qualified to the next level.

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    National Schools League Finals

    The national league competition also consists of four activities: THEORETICAL, PHYSICAL, TECHNICAL and OPPOSITION GAME / NE WAZA SHIAI. Each nation decides the competition levels inside its country. The National Schools League Finals are staged with the support of country’s education governing bodies according to the official Outlines approved by the National Judo Federation and ISF. The best school team of each nation qualifies for the participation at the European Judo Schools League finals.

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    European Schools League Finals

    The event is held every year. The date, place and event Outlines are decided and appointed by the European Judo Union.